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Bath Towels & Rugs Guide

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    Love your Towels!

    At Anna's Linens, we want to make sure you love what you buy! To help you select the right towel, consider what you would like to use the towel for. If the towel's use is primarily decorative, you may want to choose an embellished towel. If you are looking for a towel to dry off with after bathing, a terry towel is the most absorbent type of towel, and would be the best choice! We've provided a chart to help you identity the right towel for you.

    Towel Size Use for the Towel
    Bath Towel The largest regular sized towel used for drying off after a shower or bath.
    Hand Towel A smaller towel used to dry hands and face.
    Wash Cloth Used in the shower, bath or at the sink, for washing the face or body
    Fingertip Towel Usually a small fringed towel used as a decorative hand towel.
    Bath Sheet/Body Towel An oversized towel used after a bath or shower, or for use at a pool or beach.

    Towel Selections

    Terry towels are the most popular towel because of its strength and absorbency.
    Velour towels are valued for their look and feel rather than for their absorbency.
    Jacquard towels are made by a special type of weaving process to create a pattern in one color or more. Jacquard towels can be terry or velour.
    Print towels have designs or patterns. They can be terry or velour.
    Embellished towels can be embroidered or have decorative attachments(tassels or beads). Embroidered towels are generally used only for decorative purposes. They can be made from either a terry or velour


    The fibers used to create a towel are the most important feature. Towels blended with synthetic fibers (such as polyester) are not as absorbent. A towel constructed of 100% cotton is durable and absorbent, however, a blended towel made with natural fibers (such as bamboo) is just as absorbent as a 100% cotton towel. The type of cotton is another important feature. The higher the quality of cotton, the more durable and absorbent the towel will be.

    Choose the Right Towel for You

    The type of cotton used when creating a towel directly effects its absorbency, durability and softness. Each of the types of cotton listed below will affect the quality and durability of a towel.

    Standard Cotton: When a towel is made with 100% standard cotton, it is durable and absorbent.
    Egyptian or Pima Cotton: These cotton types are a higher grade of cotton than standard cotton. When a towel is created with either Egyptian or Pima cotton, it will be more durable, softer and absorbent.
    Low Twist/Quick Dry: By decreasing the amount of twist in the yarn system, towels can have a softer feel. This process also creates a "Quick dry" effect, allowing less time in the dryer and saves energy.

    Caring for your New Towels

    All towels should be machine washed separately in warm water with like colors using a mild detergent. Towels will last longer if bleach is avoided. Tumble dry on a low setting. Remove promptly from the dryer and fold while still warm.
    It's recommended not using fabric softeners. Fabric softeners are made of a silicone chemical. The silicone chemical in the fabric softener will coat the cotton fibers in the towel. When the fibers become coated with silicone, they become water repellent rather than absorbent. High quality towels will remain soft for years without the use of fabric softener. The same applies to dryer sheets.

    Bath Rugs

    Bath rugs can give comfort and add a pop of color to your space! There are a few things to consider before purchasing a bath rug. Determine the size of the area in the bathroom you would like to cover, as well as the amount of foot traffic in the bathroom. If the area is a high traffic area, consider a lower pile style(length of fiber) or a darker color.

    Bath Rug Selections

    Bath Rugs typically come in rectangle, oval or oblong shapes and are generally the same size regardless of manufacturer. They offer warmth and comfort on a cold bathroom floor. Below are the different sizes of bath rugs we offer in addition to the basic rectangular shape.
    Bath Mat is a type of bath rug used specifically for absorbing excess water when stepping out of the shower or bath. It is designed to protect the floor from water damage as well as from slipping on a wet floor.
    Contour Rug is a type of bath rug that fits around the base of a toilet. This is a decorative rug that will complete a bathroom ensemble.
    Toilet Lid Cover is a circular piece that is constructed to fit on top of the lid of a toilet seat and decorates a bathroom.

    Caring for your Bath Rugs

    Rugs can be machine washed separately in cool to warm water with like colors using a mild detergent and fabric softener. Rugs with a rubber, non-skid backing should hang dry to increase the life of the rug.

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