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Bed Pillows & Mattress Pads Guide

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    Love Your Bed Pillow!

    At Anna’s Linens, we want to make sure you love what you buy! To help you select the perfect bed pillow, consider the way you sleep. It is important to think about how you position your pillow. Below are common sleep patterns and the recommended bed pillow. We want you to love your pillow. Selecting the right one for you equals a good nights rest.
    Side Sleepers require a firm pillow that offers extra support to align the head, neck and spine.
    Stomach Sleepers require less support and a softer pillow to align the head, neck and spine.
    Back Sleepers need a pillow that offers medium support to align the spine.

    Bed Pillow Selections

    When selecting a bed pillow, take a look at the seam. A pillow with a corded or braided seam will create a tighter edge, contributing to a longer life of a pillow.
    A pillow with synthetic fill is made from polyester fibers. They’re lightweight, long lasting and will keep their shape for years. They are also hypo-allergenic, odor free and can be machine washed.
    A natural filled pillow is considered to be the most luxurious of bed pillows. They are very durable and are an investment that will last for years!
    A contour memory foam pillow is made of a viscose-elastic memory foam. This pillow is great for reducing snoring.

    Bed Pillows Sizes

    The right pillow can help you have a restful night’s sleep, but the right sized pillow can make your bed look perfect! Listed below are pillow dimensions to help you select the right size.
    Standard 20" x 26" Use a standard pillow case. One pillow is necessary on a twin, two on a full or queen, and three on a king.
    Jumbo 20" x 28" Use a standard pillow case. This is an oversized version of a standard pillow.
    Queen 20" x 30" Since there isn’t a queen sized pillow case, use a standard pillowcase. This pillow size is perfect to use on a queen size bed.
    King 20" x 36" These pillows are extra long to accommodate a larger mattress. A king size pillow case will work with all types of king size mattresses.
    Euro 27" x 27" These pillows are square and are used to fill Euro shams. These pillows are mainly for decorative use.

    Caring For Your Bed Pillow

    Pillow protectors reduce the need for cleaning and will increase your pillow’s life span. Machine wash or dry clean your bed pillows at least once a year. Natural and polyester filled bed pillows can be machine washed on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Place the washed pillows in the dryer on the “air” setting. A tennis ball in the dryer with the pillows can help “re-fluff” them.

    Bed Pillow Protectors

    Simply using a pillowcase will not protect your pillow. A pillow protector will keep impurities, such as oil, dirt, and moisture from getting inside the pillow. There are several different types of protectors such as water-proof and anti-allergy. A protector can increase the life of a pillow by protecting the shape of the pillow and preventing it from getting flat or lumpy.

    Replacing Your Bed Pillow

    A bed pillow should be replaced when the cover fabric shows signs of wear, the pillow is flat, has lost its shape or support. If your pillow has stains, holes, or is leaking fill, replace it immediately. A pillow is only useful when it properly supports your neck and spine.

    Mattress Pads

    A mattress pad will add years of life to your mattress. It protects the surface from wear and tear, as well as offers additional comfort and support.

    Deciding on a Mattress Pad

    First, measure the size and depth of your mattress to determine the mattress pad size you will need. Then, decide which features are most important to you. There are many mattress pads that serve several functions. For example:

    • If you live in a warm climate, you may want to chose a 100% cotton pad to keep you cooler.
    • If you want to protect your mattress from moisture, a waterproof pad can meet your needs.
    • If you are looking to obtain additional back support, a memory foam pad is a good choice.

    Mattress Sizes

    There is a common misconception that all mattresses are extra deep. The truth is that 90% of mattresses are under 13" in depth.

    How do you measure a mattress?
    Step 1 Place the straight edge of a ruler under the mattress.
    Step 2 Place the straight edge of another ruler on top of the crown of the mattress (the highest point).
    Step 3 Measure the distance between the two.

    Mattress Pad Selections

    You have many options when you come to Anna's Linens! Below are a few of the mattress pads you can find with us.
    Fitted is a mattress pad that has a quilted top and an attached fabric skirt or expandable grip fabric to cover the sides of the mattress. These pads will fit most mattresses, even extra deep mattresses (mattresses over 12" deep).
    Wrap is a mattress pad that has quilting on both the top and sides of the cover and fit snugly around a 10" to 15" mattress. The contour styling and one piece construction allows the pad to easily slip over the mattress.
    Waterproof mattress pads are made like all other mattress pads, but the added benefit is that they prevent moisture from leaking through to the mattress.
    Convoluted Foam mattress pads are foam pads that are made of a soft foam material. These mattress pads offer maximum support while easing uncomfortable pressure points.
    Memory Foam mattress toppers are to be used in addition to a mattress pad. They offer an additional layer cushion that molds to the body. It also provides additional back support.

    Caring for your New Mattress Pad

    Mattress pads are machine washable and drier safe. All mattress pads contain a care label that provides instructions to extend the life of your mattress pad. It is recommended to read the attached care label before cleaning.

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