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Sheets Guide

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    Love Your Sheets!

    At Anna's Linens, we want to make sure you love what you buy! To help you select the perfect sheets, consider your needs. The mattress size, fabric, color, design, price, comfort, and ease of care should be taken into consideration.
    Sheets can be made from 100% cotton or blends of cotton and polyester. Satin sheets are generally 100% polyester and offer a smooth silky feeling.

    Cotton Sheets

    Cotton sheets are softer and smoother than blends. They are resistant to pilling (the matting of fibers into little balls), and are static free. Since cotton is naturally absorbent and breathable, it is comfortable year-round.

    Blended Sheets

    Blended sheets last a long time and rarely shrink after washing. They also dry quickly with less wrinkling and generally do not need ironing. They are often the preferred choice for juvenile sheets because they require less care.

    Fitted Sheets

    A typical fitted sheet is designed to fit a mattress under 12" deep. If your mattress is over 12" deep you will need a fitted sheet with deeper pockets, or one that says the sheet is compatible with deep mattresses. Refer to the chart and the mattress diagram below to determine the size of your fitted sheets and for mattress measurements.

    Bed Size Fitted Sheet Mattress Size Flat Sheet Mattress Size
    Twin 39 x 75 66 x 99
    Twin XL 39 x 80 66 x 102
    Full/Double 54 x 75 81 x 96
    Queen 60 x 80 90 x 102
    King 78 x 80 108 x 102
    Cal King 72 x 84 108 x 102


    Size up Your Mattress for Your Sheets

    There is a common misconception that all mattresses are extra deep. The truth is that 90% of mattresses are under 13" in depth.
    How do you measure a mattress?
    Step 1 Place the straight edge of a ruler under the mattress.
    Step 2 Place the straight edge of another ruler on top of the crown of the mattress (the highest point).
    Step 3 Measure the distance between the two

    What do I get in a Sheet Set?

    Twin Sheet Set
    Twin Extra Long
    Sheet Set Includes:
    1 twin flat sheet
    1 twin fitted sheet
    1 standard pillowcase
    1 twin xl flat sheet
    1 twin xl fitted sheet
    1 standard pillowcase
    Full/Double Sheet Set
    Queen Sheet Set
    1 full flat sheet
    1 full fitted sheet
    2 standard pillowcases
    1 queen flat sheet
    1 queen fitted sheet
    2 standard pillowcases
    King Sheet Set
    California King
    Sheet Set Includes:
    1 king flat sheet
    1 king fitted sheet
    2 king pillowcases
    1 king flat sheet
    1 Cal king fitted sheet
    2 king pillowcases


    What is Thread Count?

    Thread count is the actual number of threads woven lengthwise and crosswise into a square inch of fabric. A higher thread count creates a tighter weave, a softer, more durable and more luxurious sheet. Below is a guide to help you select the right thread count.

    Quality Thread Count
    GOOD 200
    BETTER 300
    BEST 400 and Up


    Caring for My New Sheets

    All sheets should be machine washed with like colors using cold water. When drying sheets, tumble dry on a low setting, and avoid overloading to reduce wrinkling.
    Bleach & fabric softeners are usually not needed. Cotton releases oil and will wash clean and smell fresh without the use of bleach. Over time, cotton sheets will become softer with repeated washings and without the use of fabric softeners.

    Sheet Selections

    Open Stock sheets are sold separately. They are available as a flat sheet, fitted sheet or pillowcase pairs. This product is great for those who do not need a complete sheet set.
    Jersey Knit sheets are 100% cotton and feel like your favorite T-shirt.
    Satin sheets are 100% polyester and have a soft and silky feel.
    Microfiber sheets are 100% polyester and are made of very fine, thin fibers. They provide good insulation, are wrinkle resistant and wash easily.
    Bonus Sets are sheet sets that include an extra pair of pillow cases (one extra for twin size).

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