La Tavola Linens

About La Tavola Fine Linen

La Tavola is one of the most trusted names when it comes to fine linen rental services in the United States. It is a firm that has its office in Napa, California. As one of the biggest names in the linen rental service industry, La Tavola has an amazing collection of some of the finest rental linens available in the country. It does not matter the event you are planning, La Tavola has something to spice up your event.

How Does La Tavola Fine Linen Process Orders?

After making an order, you will have to wait for a while for this order to get processed. After your order is successfully processed and confirmed, you will get an email which states that your order has been confirmed. As soon as you get an email stating that your order has been confirmed, it is important that you go through the order confirmation in details. This way, if there is an error, you can spot it very easily. Also, you can make some last-minute changes before it gets late. After all, is set, you will need to wait for five working days for your order to get shipped. This implies that after making an order, the period you have to wait before your request gets to you is five working days and the time it takes the order to get to your location. The farther you are from La Tavola Fine Linen’s office, the longer you will have to wait for your order to get to you.

What is the Minimum Size One can order

La Tavola Fine Linen is not a retail shop across the road. This means there are certain orders that can be considered as not big enough. When looking to work with La Tavola Fine Linen, there is a certain amount that is considered the minimum you can pay. The minimum worth of linen you can order from La Tavola Fine Linen is $250. This amount is excluding the amount you will spend on getting goods delivered, as well as the amount you have to pay on taxes.

Are Customers Allowed to Make Alterations to Orders

Once you make an order from La Tavola Fine Linen, you have five working days to make any alteration to such order. The reason for this is whatever order you make leaves the La Tavola Fine Linen warehouse five days after it was made. Once five working days elapses, any change made to an order will be irrelevant as the order would already be on its way to your location.

Does La Tavola Fine Linen Sell Linens

While there are lots of top-notch firms in the Linen Industry, these firms differ from one another as some of them are more into the sale of linen while others are into renting linen. La Tavola fine linen is one of the later. Although it already has a reputation for renting out linens, once in a while, it sells linens. The sale of linen is a practice La Tavola engages in a couple of times every year. This is something it does when its collection of linens are beginning to look faded. Apart from trying to dispose of faded linens and replacing them with shiny linens, La Tavola fine linen does not engage in the sale of linen.

If you run a small event management firm and are interested in acquiring some of La Tavola fine linen’s faded linen that is up for sale, it is vital that you follow this firm on Instagram and Facebook.

Is There a Time Frame for Linens to be Kept?

When working with La Tavola fine linen, customers are not allowed to keep rented linens for over three days. After an event is over, if linen does not get returned in a period of three days, defaulting customers will have to pay a fee of $50.

If for any reason, you will not be able to return the set of linens you rented on the date that was fixed as pick update, to avoid paying an extra fee, it is vital that you send La Tavola an email via ‘’. Once you do this, La Tavola will look through the availability of the set of linens. If they are available, all you will need to do is pay an extra rental fee.

How to Order for La Tavola Linen

If you need a set of linen from La Tavola Linens, all you need to do is submit an order through their website or send them a mail on While this is the first step is making an order, there is more to making an order. After successfully making an order, a lot of people have a challenge selecting the type of linen that they need. If you fall into the class of people that are not so sure of the linen that they need, all you have to do is go to one of the La Tavola linen showrooms. After making an order, you will have to wait for the order to get processed.

Although the set of linens you request for can be shipped to your destination five working days after you place an order, to avoid any disappointments, it is vital to make an order about two weeks to the day you want an order delivered.

What do you pay for with Rental Fees?

When you pay a rental fee, it is vital to note that this fee does not cover the cost of repairs if anything goes wrong with the set of linens you rent. Basically, the rental fee covers the processing, washing and the cost of linen. After making use of a set of linen and you return them with any form of damage, you will have to pay separately for damages.

Can an Order be Cancelled?

Cancellation of an order is possible. However, if it takes place after five days, you might need to let go of whatever money you deposited. You also might need to pay a fee for restocking.

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