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CV Linens – Company Profile

Based in Austin, Texas, CV Linens is a firm that has taken it upon itself to make beautify linens available to those that need them. This firm has been running for eight years and has provided satisfaction to its customers in the course of these eight years. As a firm that has a lot of experience in beautifying weddings and other special occasions, it is a firm you will enjoy working with if you need to add some extra color to any occasion. CV Linens is an event planning firm that makes various types of linens available for different occasions. All occasions cannot make use of the same type of linen and CV Linens is aware of this fact. This is the reason CV Linens has an array of unique items that suit for whatever occasion you are having.

Are you having an event anytime soon and are looking to spice it up with some class? If yes, then, you can take advantage of all that CV Linens has to offer. All that you need to do to get this done is to get in touch with CV Linens and order for some of the world’s best linens. At CV Linens, you can have access to various colors, designs, and linen fabrics. Popular among them are satin, glitz, polyester, organza, etc.

CV Linens is easily approachable, to contact this firm, all you need to do is visit If you do not get all the answers to your questions after visiting their website, you can get in touch with some of the specialists they have working with them. So, it does not matter what the questions you have on your mind are, CV Linens has the right people to provide you with whatever answer you need.

CV Linens Pays Attention to Detail

Although not every occasion demands a lot of detail. However, there are lots of occasions that only look their best when the right attention is paid to details. Various themes require various linens. The truth remains you will need to pay a lot of attention to details if you must make use of the right linen for a theme. In addition to paying attention to details when using linen for a particular theme, CV Linens also ensures that all your orders are packed rightly and delivered on time. Furthermore, as the linen you order for is on its way, they ensure that it is properly tracked. So, you can be certain that nothing gets missing.

CV Linens is a linen firm that is interested in the experience of its customers. As a firm, it wants you to get the best experience when making use of the linen it delivers. This is one of the reasons it ensures the best customer service that you can enjoy from any firm that is into the supply of linens.

CV Linens Offers a Selection that Other Suppliers don’t

While CV Linens is known for having some of the most beautiful linen, there is a lot more than you know. It has an array of linens that other linen suppliers do not have. As a firm that pays a lot of attention to details, it is aware of the fact that you attach a lot of importance to all the occasions you organize. Just in the same way as you attach importance to occasions, it also attaches a lot of importance to every occasion it supplies you linen for. This is one reason it goes the extra mile to make sure you have just the perfect linen for your occasion.

Linens CV Linens Offers at Wholesale Prices

At CV Lines, there are certain linens that are given at wholesale prices. Some of these linens are

  • Wedding Linens, Backdrop panels, and Wedding Cake Stands
  • Organza Fabric Items, Glitz Linens, Voile Drapes, and Tulle Rolls
  • Napkins, Table Linens, Chair Sashes, and Chair Caps.
  • Table Overlays, Charger Plates, and Table Clips
  • LED Centerpieces, Manzanita Trees, and Drape

Does CV Linens Rent Out Linens

All items owned by CV Linen are only for sale. At CV Linen, items are not rented. While this might seem uncomfortable for customers, the truth remains that buying their items at wholesale prices is a lot better than renting them.

How much does Shipping cost?

The price for shipping an item or a group of items already paid for differs for each item. Basically, the cost of shipping an item is dependent on what that it weighs, as well as how far such item has to be shipped.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Items after Placing An Order

All things being equal, after making an order, this order will have to be processed for four days. This does not include weekends. While four days is the norm for goods to be processed, this could be more during peak periods or when the volume of goods to be shipped is huge. That’s not all. When items that are not in stock are ordered, the time spent in processing this order becomes longer as these items have to be made available before they are processed and shipped. Although this will affect the processing period of your order, if you make an order and it is out of stock, CV Linens will give you immediate feedback on this.

It is one thing to make an order and another thing for the order to get paid for. If you have not paid for an order, CV Linens will not commence the processing of your order. So, when counting the number of days that you have to wait for your order to be processed, you need to begin counting from the time you paid for an order. The first four days after you make your payment are the days your order will get processed in their office. After this, you will have to wait for some days before your order gets to you. After processing an order, CV Linens packages it and ships it to you. The length of days you have to wait is dependent on how far away from Austin, Texas you are.

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