GBS Linens

GBS Linens – Company Profile

GBS Linens is a firm in the linen industry that is reputable for the sale, the laundry, and the rental of top quality linens. This firm is in possession of some of the best quality chair covers and table linens in the industry. This is possible because of the existence of 7 large warehouse facilities in various parts of the United States. GBS Linens might be known for the quality of the linens that it makes available. Nonetheless, it does a lot more than just make linens available. It has an inventory tracking system which is very innovative and makes each event it takes part in very special.

Why You Should Do Business with GBS Linens

As a major player in the Linen industry, GBS Linens does more than just rent Linen, it is also into the sale of linen. This might not look very significant if all you do is either buy linen or rent all that you need. It, however, starts getting really significant if you buy linen for an event and run out of stock only with an option to rent from a reputable firm. Purchasing linen from GBS Linen originally implies that if you run out of materials for planning an event, you can easily rent the same materials from GBS without even the slightest form of difference. That’s not all. If you buy linen from GBS Linens, if any need to rent linens arises, you will be able to easily get customized linens.

GBS Specializes in Linen Laundry

The sale and the renting of linen is not all that GBS Linens does. This firm also takes part in the laundry of linen. After making use of your linens for an event, you do not need to handle the laundry by yourself if it is something you are not an expert at. All you need to do is contact GBS Linens and your linen will be washed, ironed, and made ready for a new event.

GBS does not just wash and iron your linens after an occasion, after washing your linen, GBS Linens packages each linen with a hanger, size tag which is usually color coded, and a bag. If you choose to work with GBS Linen, you can be sure to have your linens laundered and package in a space of two days. Furthermore, you do not have to move the linens yourself as they will be picked and delivered to your door step by GBS Linens.

Restoration Services

The restoration of Linen is one of the services offered by GBS Linens. With the availability of this service, you do not need to dispose your linen because you think it is old or damaged. If you are not sure of what the appearance of your linens are like, you can contact GBS Linens for restoration services. GBS Lines takes a thorough look at the linens at your disposal and confirms if they can be cut down to smaller sizes and made to function like they are new.

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